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The Volcanic Eifel offers exciting hiking routes throughout the year.  

  ...also for your dogs!!



The following are only some impressions of the endless hiking routes:

Hiking the Eifelsteigtrial leads you about 30 km throughout the ‘HillesheimerLand’, the Eifel-Thriller-trial guides you to various “crime scenes”. Our holiday flat is located at the Geo-path, which guides you through the geological development of the area. It is always worth it to head for the “Dreimühlenwasserfall”, also known as the Waterfall of Nohn. Have a rest at the coffee bar 'Das Kleine Landcafé' and enjoy its cosy atmosphere throughout the year.

The volcanic crater Arensberg (or Arnulphusberg) is a geological attraction and is situated in sight of our holiday flat. Access the crater through an aditand explore the “Heart of the Eifel” (see picture).


Winter in the Eifel

The Eifel is a perfect place for skiing and luging.

The 'Mäuseberg' mountain, located in the middle of the maars of Daun, offers a downhill slope of 450 m length with floodlight and a ski lift, operating daily in case of sufficient snow depth.

The 'Ernstberg' mountain (Daun-Waldkönigen) offers 3 cross-country skiing runs, from 750 (easy) m to 2.2 km (ambitious).

The ski area 'HoheAcht' offers downhill slopes, cross-country skiing runs and luge runs. If there is sufficient snow cover you can even cross-country ski on the famous ‘NürburgringNordschleife’.

The ski area 'SchwarzerMann' (about 15 km from Prüm) offers 2 downhill slopes, cross-country skiing runs and a luge run.